Niels Rump

Niels Rump

Niels supports clients in the development of their requirements in the context of international technical standardisation bodies. As such, he is involved in the development of metadata and messaging systems within DDEX and GRD.


Niels RumpNiels has worked in the area of digital rights management (DRM) for more than 10 years. He was the main developer of one of the earlier commercial DRM systems (Fraunhofer IIS’ Multimedia Protection Protocol, MMP) for which several German and international patents bear his name.

During his time at Fraunhofer IIS, Niels started working in several DRM-related standards bodies including ISO/MPEG, AES, OPIMA and SDMI. Niels has also worked for InterTrust Technologies. For his work on ISO/MPEG standards he has received “ISO/IEC certificates of appreciation”.

Since joining Rightscom in 2001, Niels has concentrated on the technical aspects of DRM applications and technologies – mainly the communication of rights metadata between business partners. He has also advised clients in technology assessments including fingerprinting and watermarking applications, optimisation of workflow processes and the development of architectures for the processing of rights information.

Niels is also a regular speaker at conferences on DRM and has published several papers, and a book, on the topic. He is a visiting lecturer at the University of Popular Music in Mannheim, Germany.

A list of Niels Rump’s Papers is available here.

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