Rightscom provides the secretariat and technical support for DDEX, a consortium of leading media companies, music licensing organisations, digital service providers and technical intermediaries, focused on the creation of digital value chain standards.

Rightscom is a consultancy that specialises in the provision of solutions for the management, trading and protection of intellectual property rights and digital content in the network environment.

Since it was founded in January 2000, Rightscom has established a trusted position as an international consultancy with a unique body of business and technology knowledge about the management of all types of digital media. We have formed an enviable track record of effective delivery across a very broad spectrum of projects for a varied list of clients.

Our core strength lies in our consultants’ extensive expertise in the management and trading of all types of intellectual property assets, rooted in many years of experience at senior management level in the major content industries.

We specialise in the analysis of the impact of changes on the “digital content” landscape brought about by upheaval in operational, technical, commercial and regulatory processes and in the design of the solutions needed to protect stakeholder value at a time of turbulent change.

Rightscom’s expertise and experience spans the entire content value chain across the media industries. Our skills range from commercial strategies to technology architecture and implementation support.

Our in-depth relationships with industry associations, international governments, standards bodies and technology vendors provide us with a unique insight into global digital developments.

By leveraging these core strengths, Rightscom can put at our clients’ disposal an unequalled in-depth knowledge of digital technologies and their impact on the content industries.

Our services can provide our clients with the understanding necessary for the implementation of adaptable, practical and future-proofed business, technical and process solutions to enable them to operate in an environment which is undergoing seismic change.