Copyright Hub

The Copyright Hub (“Hub”) is to be a not-for-profit, industry led initiative to link copyright exchanges and registries.

The Hub is the main proposal from the 2012 Copyright Works report by Richard Hooper and Dr Ros Lynch.  Based in the UK it will link interoperably and scalably to the growing national and international network of private and public sector digital copyright exchanges, rights registries and other copyright-related databases, using agreed cross-sectoral and cross-border data building blocks and standards. The Hub will serve in the UK and beyond a wide range of copyright licensors (rights holders, creators and rights owners in both commercial and cultural worlds) on the supply side and a wide range of copyright licensees/Users on the demand side

Rightscom provided input for the business rationale, possible functions and benefits of the Hub. It was the primary author of the Hub’s technical architecture blueprint and acts as the project’s data model/mapping and domain expert as well as providing a key link to the LCC to ensure consistency in approach between the two initiatives.

More information about the Copyright Hub can be found here.

Godfrey Rust