• Ontologyx

    Rightscom’s semantic engineering tools and services are marketed under the Ontologyx brand. At the centre of Ontologyx is a radical, proprietary methodology which supports the mapping and transforming of terms and schemes using a rich and radical “contextual” semantic structure.

  • Consultants

    Rightscom’s consultants have international reputations for providing unique guidance as a result of their extensive knowledge of the commercial, legal and technical factors that are changing the global media industries.

  • Past Projects

    Since its formation in 2000, Rightscom has been involved in many initiatives which have helped shape the data requirements of the Digital Content Market.

  • Current Projects

    Rightscom is involved in many of the major projects shaping the data requirements of the Digital Content Market, working with both international standards groups and commercial organisations.



DDEX is a consortium of leading media companies, music licensing organisations, digital service providers and technical intermediaries, focused on the creation of digital supply chain standards.

Rightscom provides the secretariat for DDEX.

RC-icon LCC & RDI

The Linked Content Coalition is an alliance to encourage the development of a standards infrastructure for the Creative Industries, their Intermediaries and Consumers.​​  RDI is an exemplary implementation of LCC part-funded by the European Commission.

Rightscom provides project management and mapping expertise.

RC-icon Copyright Hub

The Copyright Hub will provide easy access for Rights Users to sources of rights information.

Rightscom provided input for the business rationale and is the primary author of the Hub’s technical architecture blueprint.  It acts as the project’s data model/mapping and domain expert as well as providing a key link to the LCC to ensure consistency in approach between the two initiatives.