• Past Projects

    Since its formation in 2000, Rightscom has been involved in many initiatives which have helped shape the data requirements of the Digital Content Market.

  • Consultants

    Rightscom’s consultants have international reputations for providing unique guidance as a result of their extensive knowledge of the commercial, legal and technical factors that are changing the global media industries.

  • Current Projects

    Rightscom is involved in many of the major projects shaping the data requirements of the Digital Content Market, working with both international standards groups and commercial organisations.

  • Ontologyx

    Rightscom’s semantic engineering tools and services are marketed under the Ontologyx brand. At the centre of Ontologyx is a radical, proprietary methodology which supports the mapping and transforming of terms and schemes using a rich and radical “contextual” semantic structure.



DDEX is a consortium of leading media companies, music licensing organisations, digital service providers and technical intermediaries, focused on the creation of digital supply chain standards.

Rightscom provides the secretariat for DDEX.

RC-icon LCC & RDI

The Linked Content Coalition is an alliance to encourage the development of a standards infrastructure for the Creative Industries, their Intermediaries and Consumers.​​  RDI is an exemplary implementation of LCC part-funded by the European Commission.

Rightscom provides project management and mapping expertise.

RC-icon GRD

The Global Repertoire Database is a central, authoritative, multi-territorial source of the global repertoire of musical works copyright metadata.

Rightscom provides [MI?]